Appobile Labs: Introducing a One-Stop Shop for Mobile Strategy

Santosh Hegde, CEO
Enterprise-owned devices are now a bigger part of the EMM ecosystem than we initially thought of them to be. However, for enterprises, the final call for implementation, more often than not, gets road-blocked by the unavailability of affordable platform which can ensure safe and stable mobile environment for consistent rollout. Headquartered in Bangalore, Appobile Labs Private Limited works to provide complete granular control of the enterprise owned BYOD devices. The company offers solutions that cater to data security, device peripherals control and application management with version control from remote console through its device policy controller.

Clear the Mobile Course with Kardamom
Smart phone manufacturers are prone to bundling unwanted apps and render the phone slow for usage. The user too has a tendency to install few junk apps that pop up random advertisements and consume background processing time. This makes the device prone to malicious inceptions and leaves the phone vulnerable to threats and prohibits the optimal use for office works. “For many companies, these productivity losses may be directly linked to loss of top line revenue especially if it is feet on ground workforce”, explains Santosh Hegde, Director at Appobile Labs.

Given the problem faced, Appobile, in collaboration with Samsung Knox and Google EMM community team has come forth with an effective and cost effective solution called ‘Kardamom’. This solution is designed to enable creating stable, secured work space policies on android devices which can be enforced across the different departments in an organization from a single web console. Kardamom’s core security feature is built on top of Samsung Knox SDK for Samsung devices and Android for Work(AFW)device policy controller for all other android devices. The solution enforces a myriad
of security features such as, password protection, and encryption &/or remote wipe technology, which allows an administrator to delete all data from a misplaced device. At the same time, it provides a safe and isolated work profile or KIOSK mode with controlled access to data transfers. Kardamom is designed in such a way that it is capable of empowering the company administrators to white list or blacklist the applications with version management and to define policies around white listing and blacklisting Wifi devices. In turn, these policies give the corporate, granular control over mitigating security risks.

Kardamom’s core security feature is built on top of Samsung Knox SDK for Samsung devices and Android for Work (AFW) device policy controller for all other android devices

Kardamom proved its efficiency and came to the rescue of one of Appobile's clients, since then it has only written success stories for the company. The client had made a bulk purchase of smart phones in order to implement advanced salesforce automation system, however, the initiative laid waste as the employees raised complains about the devices’ malfunctioning. The phones were recalled and introduced with Kardamom. This solution enabled EMM policies on similar phones, thereby laying foundation to a nationwide initiative of mobile enabled sales force automation.

Appobile is strongly moved by the idea of Smart enterprise Mobility solutions. Therefore, the company has plans underway to introduce a plethora of gamified and artificial intelligence based solutions in order to help corporates to engage their employees in better ways without overstepping on the privacy of the employees. With such a solution in place along with the future endeavor to enhance the mobile experience, Appobile Labs is en route to making some ground breaking developments in the BYOD domain.